Kindergarten 2 Curriculum
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Kindergarten 2 Curriculum


Life Skills:

  • Develop self-confidence and thinking/problem solving skills
  • Promote independent work and team collaboration
  • Promote confidence in public speaking
  • Express thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Promote independent learning
  • Build leadership skills


  • Promote written expression through creative writing
  • Introduction of Digraphs/Blending (synthetic phonics)
  • Coding / Decoding words using phonemes and graphemes
  • Recognition of high-frequency sight words
  • Understanding of concepts/ rote count/ numeral recognition / writing (1-50)
  • Addition (within 20)
  • Subtraction (within 20)
  • Measurement: Weight, Height and Length (using non-standard units of measurement)
  • Money concept
  • Fractions: whole, ½ and ¼
  • Time concept: o’clock, half past, quarter past
  • Pictographs
  • Write own name

Aesthetic Appreciation:

  • Develop sense of rhythm for music
  • Make up song/rhyme of familiar tune
  • Express creativity through Art & Craft
  • Use scissors and writing materials skillfully
  • Enhance creativity
  • Develop appreciation for music and art


  • Build body coordination / hand-eye coordination
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills –
  • Can balance a beanbag when walking
  • Display a good level of coordination when kicking/bouncing a ball


Sight Words:

to do go so
for with his if
at from but what
when there no yes
her here out put
be or can an
your my like see
look want over under