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Healthy, Balanced and Delicious


In order for SSIS students to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, SSIS food services are provided independently by the SSIS catering team, which consists of: senior chef, senior nutritionist and well-experienced cooks.

The Ingredients

Most of the ingredients used in our food come from Mahota Farm, which is located on Chongming island in Shanghai. Mahota Farm produces pesticides-free, fertilizer-free and antibiotics-free vegetables and meats.


There are at least 3-style cuisines served every week including Chinese, Western, Japanese, South Korean and Southeast Asian. Moreover, weekly updated menus are planned under the instruction and supervision of senior nutritionist and chef.

  • For vegetarians and students with religious requirements, there are regularly updated vegetarian meals and special cooking utensils.
  • For pre-school students, there are specific regularly updated nutritional meals.
  • Chinese traditional foods are served during Chinese festivals.


Pre-school students dine with the help of nursery nurses in kindergarten canteen.

Primary School students serve themselves in primary school canteen.

Middle and high School students’ meals are served in a buffet style in Middle and high School canteen.

Lunch Menus

Click here to see the latest lunch menus.