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Alumni Welcome

Alumni Welcome

With Love, We Connect & Unite


Greeting to all SSIS graduates, families, faculty and staff!

No matter how long you were at SSIS or how much time has passed since you walked the school halls and campuses, we warmly welcome you as a life-long member of the SSIS family and alumni community.

We are truly happy to share that we have now more than 270 SSIS graduates around the world, ever since our first high school graduate in June 2009.

As SSIS celebrates her 20th anniversary this year, we would like to re-launch the SSIS Alumni officially. Part of our 20-years history belongs to you and we wish to nurture and strengthen the special bond that you have to SSIS and your former classmates, peers and friends.

Register yourself today via the SSIS ALUMNI page on our School Website and be part of this worldwide alumni community. Also, don’t forget to join us on Facebook/LinkedIn/WeChat to keep up to date with the latest from SSIS.


Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome – just send us an email or call us to share your ideas. Your student/teaching days at SSIS might be history, but you are still a very important part of SSIS’s present and future!


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Warm regards from Shanghai, China.