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K-100000164 宫莉

Gong Li


Diploma East China Normal University

I have been working in the early childhood environment for 15 years. I have a solid professional knowledge and understanding of child psychology after a long period of training. I started working in SSIS since 2005. I am a Chinese teacher responsible for teaching Chinese, Art, Performing Arts and Physical Education. Although I have been in this field for sometime, my passion for this job is always maintained at a very high level because of my love for children. What I like the most about SSIS is the team of teachers, who are very united.
There are opportunities to improve on how to be more effective in teaching. The student-teacher ratio is lower than that of a local school, which makes it better to carry out differentiated learning for students. There is a greater feel of satisfaction.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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