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In the morning of 18 October, the gymnasium was rocking with energy as the annual Senior School Sports Day commenced. As 100 house points were on the line for the winning house, everyone came in with a fighting attitude. The students and teachers were in high spirits wearing their colourful house T-shirts and waving their house logo emblazoned flags.

Sports Day was a great opportunity for the students to participate in sports that they do not get a chance to play in PE class such as pickleball, cricket and tchoukball. Competition was fierce as students were playing for their houses, the day was filled with highlight passes, shots and goals, as you could hear the house chants echo throughout the halls. 

Riah, Grade 9 Amber, summed it up, “Sports Day!!! What an amazing day today! Had so much fun playing all the different activities, thank you to all the teachers who helped out and organized today. It was great! Good job Pearl, Ruby and Saphire!! But MOST of all good job AMBER!! All the screaming and cheering!!” 

As the day began to draw to an end, we finished off with an exciting house dodgeball game. You could feel the anticipation as the staff and students gathered in the gym for the final results. It was an extremely close competition right until the very end, with only a few points between the teams in most of the rounds. The winning house was finally revealed as AMBER with 227 points. Well done! Mr Nilan also awarded the most spirited house to RUBY and the best cheer went to SAPPHIRE (on fire!). 

Overall, it was a fun-filled day for all involved. It was amazing to see students demonstrate sportsmanship and graciousness in both victory and defeat. It’s believed that all of the students will remember the memories they made during SSIS Sports Day 2017 for a very long time.

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