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During the Senior School Inter House Art Challenge, students took to the task with enthusiasm producing over 20 images across form class grade levels. A novel idea to use the WeChat survey tool to create a voting system that would be inclusive of the entire school community from students to parents, to teachers and beyond, was implemented. It is the first time this process of voting and bringing our school community together to celebrate and appreciate our talented students has been used.

It proved successful in that 624 people submitted their anonymous votes. 4 very good posters have emerged as the winners and will be displayed around campus.



WANG Shuo Fei Sophie
G7 Pearl


BAEK Seoyeon Laina
HEO Eun Seo
G7 Sapphire

‘Risk-Taking’ (冒险)

DANG Chea Lin
LEE Hyo Jeong Amanda
G9/10 Ruby


ANG Jia Wen Joey
G11 Sapphire



The next House art challenge is coming soon. Participants will be asked to produce a one-minute silent mobile phone movie. Stay tuned.

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