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What would you say if someone were to tell you that you can make your brain think better, memorise better, and generate creative ideas more quickly and easily? 

Would you think that such things are impossible?
Would you think that they were joking?
Would you ask them how much it would cost?

Well… it’s free, it doesn’t require any equipment and it’s something that we can all do. It’s called SLEEP

When it comes to brain functions, sleep is as important as the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat. In other words, sleep is of paramount importance for the human brain and even more so in children. Adolescence is the time when the brain goes through many changes. Children start to behave in different ways, they start to look upon their peers for support, they experience mood swings and they go to sleep later. But during these critical years of brain development, what these young adults need is enough sleep. To be exact, they need 9 hours per night. 


Senior School counsellor Mr Donagher conducted a quick survey of Grade 12 students this week and found that a staggering 80% of students get less than 9 hours of sleep at night. There are many theories about the importance of sleep but one thing that all the theorists agree on is that a lack of sleep is bad for the brain. Too little sleep disrupts neural pathways that allow information to travel smoothly from one area of the brain to another and so our processing of information slows down. When we sleep, neurons in the brain rest. If we don’t get enough sleep, those neurons will never get enough rest and that causes long term damage such as the death of some cells and neurons. Russell Foster, the leading scientist in this area, says that students can come up with 3 times more new ideas and solutions if they get a good night’s sleep.


As parents, we always think about what’s best for our children. Let’s start thinking about how much sleep they are getting and how that affects their performance at school. With the exam season fast approaching, it’s a very good time to start thinking about it now. 

This talk was just one of several interesting topics discussed during the 3rd PSG Coffee Morning last week. Other topics included a talk about helping orphans in China through our IFD donations and a fascinating talk about Cyber Wellness by Mr Senior, detailing the benefits of technology and how you can help your child avoid some of the negative aspects of technology. Don’t miss our next Coffee Morning on 8th June. It’s another perfect opportunity to participate in your child’s educational journey.






高中部辅导员Mr Donagher对12年级学生做了快速调研,发现这一周近八成的同学睡眠时间不足9小时。探讨睡眠重要性的理论为数众多,其中不可置否的一点便是缺乏睡眠对大脑无益。睡眠不足会扰乱神经系统,使得信息无法在大脑各区域畅通传达,因为会降低我们处理信息的速度。在我们入睡时,大脑中的神经元也会休息。若无法保证充足睡眠,神经元就无法得到充分休息,最终导致某些细胞的长期损坏甚至是神经元的死亡。该领域的顶尖科学家Russell Foster曾说,高质量的睡眠能让学生比往常产生三倍多的新想法。



睡眠是我们此次家委会信息分享邀请会探讨话题的一部分。除此以外,大家还谈到了在今年学校国际友谊日活动中所募集的资金将如何用于帮助中国孤儿?Mr Senior探讨了网络福利:技术如何使我们受益?怎样帮助孩子过滤互联网的不利因素。通过此邀请会,家长可以切身了解孩子在上海新加坡国际学校的学习生活。若您感兴趣,敬请参加6月8日举行的家委会信息分享邀请会。


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