A Student’s Reflection on the SSIS IB Presentation
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In SSIS, we offer IBDP courses for G11-12 students. An important feature of transition from IGCSE to IBDP is for our IBDP Coordinator to present our full course offerings to our current Grade 10 students. How do these students feel about the Programme? Do they have any questions about the courses? To figure out these issues, the senior school division held an IB presentation in November and also invited a G10 student, CHEAH Zi Ying Victoria to share with us her reflections.

We filed into the conference room not fully knowing what to expect. Asking each and every one of us “what do you want to be when you grow up?” would gather a variety of responses. A few might break into a confident smile and answer with all the certainty one is capable of mustering. A handful might frown in thought before listing out different options. And the rest of us might dredge up a blank look and a hesitant shrug. Yet at that point in time we were all in the same boat – our perceptions of the IBDP program were hazy and vague.
As Mr Gurkan, our IBDP Coordinator, launched into his talk, the room was filled with only the sound of his voice and students shifting to sit on the very edges of their seats. Each sentence he spoke seemed to send a new jolt of both excitement and fear coursing into our veins. As he switched to the slide with every IBDP course listed, whispers and murmurs began to build. I felt my friend squeezing my hand tightly in hers. It was as if Mr Gurkan was reading out the winning numbers of the lottery and each of us had invested a fortune into tickets.
Booklets were handed out and Mr Donagher, HOD of Senior Counselor, stepped up. Everything written in the booklet seemed to be written in an ancient language that only he could transcribe. By the end of his talk, however, the booklet made a lot more sense.
Walking out of the room felt like a fog had been lifted. The future still wasn’t crystal clear to most of us, but somehow it seemed a little less scary and a lot more exciting. We realized then that it wasn’t something to shrink away and hide from, but rather something to grab with both hands and take control of.


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