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At SSIS, we offer a truly international education, in a community environment, while students strive to excel in many different areas.

Unlike many other international schools, one of the things that we are most proud of though, is that ALL SSIS high school students pursue the IB Diploma or Career-related Programme.  We remain committed to providing opportunities for all students rather than just handpicking students to take the IB programme.

Our 2015 graduates average IB Score was 34, well above the 29.8 worldwide average. 

At our Middle School, the IGCSE results achieved by our Grade 10 students last year were equally outstanding and served as a true reflection of our Academic Success in SSIS.

IGCSE 2015 Results

  • 92% of students awarded a Merit ICE Group Award or higher
  • 41% of students awarded a Distinction ICE Group Award
  • 89% of grades were awarded A* -C
  • 45% of grades were awarded A or A*
  • 9 students achieved 7 IGCSE’s at A grade or higher

IBDP Results For Class of 2015

  • 45 candidates registered in the session
  • 34: Average points obtained by SSIS candidates who passed the diploma, above world average of 29.88
  • 43: Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate


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Shanghai Singapore International School

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