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Nursery Curriculum


Life skills:

  • Independence in self-help skills
  • Care for own belongings
  • Takes turn and share
  • Identify own gender
  • Engage in a conversation with another person


Cognitive skills:

  • Develop communication skills – listening and speaking
  • Build vocabulary in comprehension and speech (oral)
  • Create awareness of letter (lower & upper case)
  • Create awareness of letter sounds a-z (beginning sound)
  • Trace letters of the alphabet (lower case)
  • Able to classify, match and compare objects
  • Rote count 1 – 10, and 1-1 correspondence
  • Recognition of numerals 1-10
  • Identify own name in print


Aesthetic Appreciation:

  • Develop sense of rhythm for music
  • Able to follow rhythm
  • Express creativity through Art & Craft
  • Use scissors correctly
  • Hold writing materials correctly



  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Display a good sense of balance
  • Climb stairs using alternate foot
  • Display a good level of coordination when hopping/walking backwards
  • Throw a ball/beanbag
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