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Social Studies Curriculum

A new Social Studies curriculum was introduced in 2011/2012 that covers topics in Government, Heritage, Physical and Human Geography, Conflict, Global Issues, Economics and Innovation as well as map and compass-reading skills. Our Social Studies programme aims to nurture students to become global citizens with an appreciation for world events and current affairs. The interdisciplinary nature of social studies also highlights relationships and the interconnectedness between the academic subjects and issues in the wider world. Social Studies is especially pertinent to the SSIS community, which is comprised of students and staff from around the world. The subject infuses into the Singapore-based school curriculum an international awareness that reflects the school’s multi-cultural nature within an international context.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Baseline ICT standards (BICTs) are incorporated into the ICT curriculum to ensure that all students are equipped with the necessary ICT skills and learning experiences in the Primary School. The themes and activities incorporate the two key initiatives – Thinking & Process Skills. Mini-tasks are assigned to students during each school term to assess their understanding of the BICTs.


Areas of ICT Skills

ICT skills and competencies are categorised into five key areas:

  • Learning through Searches and Communication Tools
  • Learning through Text and Images
  • Learning through Data and Graphs
  • Learning through Multimedia
  • Learning through Computational Thinking and Coding


The areas defined above are applicable across all subjects. There is also the flexibility to focus the integration of certain ICT skills within specific content areas of other subjects.


Physical Education Curriculum

The SSIS Physical Education programme provides opportunities for every student to enjoy and challenge themselves through a diverse range of sports and activities. Here in SSIS, we believe in developing the whole person, where the goal of the SSIS Physical Education programme is to cultivate the physical, mental and social-emotional development of our students through active participation within a safe, caring and nurturing environment.


Students participate in the SSIS Golf programme as part of the Physical Education curriculum. Experienced and qualified professional golf instructors work with Primary School students across all year levels. Students also have an opportunity to further enhance their golf skills through our Co-Curricular and After School golf programmes.


Farm to School Project

The Farm to School project is unique to SSIS. It was created to allow students to experience a hands-on approach to learn about sustainability and environmental awareness.  The project also aims to support the holistic learning environment through the integration of academic and non-academic areas such as character building and physical well-being of pupils.


Pupils learn how to take ownership of the garden; they tend to the garden, harvest seasonal produce, and enrich the garden plots by using the earthworm compost system.  To add a bit of fun, pupils are always very excited about the Farm to School Awards that recognize classes that tend to the garden regularly and with the best yields.  The types of vegetables and crops grown include spinach, rosa red lettuce, carrots, Italian lettuce, potatoes, cherry radish, lavender, sunflowers, pumpkins, and strawberries.


Co-Curricular Activities

The Grade 1 to Grade 6 Co-Curricular Activities Programme offers over 30 different choices for students to participate in, including sports (martial arts, soccer, basketball, table tennis and golf), aesthetics (dance, drama, gu zheng, orchestra and xylophone) and special interests (baking/cooking club, STEM club, and the sewing, knitting and scrapbooking clubs).


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