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Overview of the IGCSE curriculum at SSIS

The IGCSE curriculum at SSIS is made up four core IGCSE courses (English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science) which are compulsory and up to six optional IGCSE subject choices. The range of compulsory and optional IGCSE subjects at SSIS has been designed to ensure all students have a balanced education to qualify for the Cambridge International Certificate of

Education (ICE) Group award and prepare for the IB Diploma Programme. Students can study between seven to ten IGCSEs spanning the entire curriculum. Students that choose to study seven IGCSE’s will have English academic support lessons built into their timetable. Our most able Mathematicians are recommended to choose Accelerated International Math’s and Additional Math’s, and so study for up to ten IGCSEs.


Compulsory IGCSE Subjects (4-5 IGCSEs) 

The four compulsory subjects are Chinese, English, International Mathematics and one Separate Science. A student’s background in English and Chinese, assessments in Grade 8 as well as discussion with their current language teachers will determine which language course they are best suited to study. English Literature is compulsory for some students studying First Language. In addition, we are considering the introduction of IGCSE First Language Korean as an extra Language course; if you are interested in this language option for your child please indicate on the subject selection grid overleaf.


Optional IGCSE Subjects (3–6 IGCSEs) 

Entry to the Accelerated International Mathematics /Additional Mathematics course (2 IGCSEs) are based on assessments in Grade 8 and discussion with the student’s current Grade 8 Math’s teacher. Students must choose at least one IGCSE subject from Humanities (Group two), one subject from Sciences (Group three) and one subject from Creative, Vocational and Technical (Group five) to qualify for the ICE Group Award. In addition, students can choose two more subjects from the Science, Humanities and Creative Groups.




Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE) Group Award 

All students take a broad range of subjects that allow them to qualify for Cambridge International Examinations Group Award.

To qualify for this award, students take a minimum of 7 IGCSE subjects drawn from the five different IGCSE groups, including two languages. There are three levels of achievement in this award:

Distinction:   Grade A in five subjects and Grade C or above in two subjects

Merit:            Grade C or above in five subjects and Grade F or above in two subjects

Pass:            Grade G(g) or above in seven subjects

This award shows that students have a broad and balanced curriculum and flows neatly into the requirements for IB DP course selection.

For more detailed information regarding the IGCSE Programme, please refer to the  IGCSE Options Booklet 2018-2020 and IGCSE Subject Selection Form2018-2020(submission date to Thursday 8th February)

To find out more about the IGCSE Programme at SSIS, please contact the IGCSE Coordinator Mr. Daniel BELL (daniel_bell@ssis.asia).

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