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Grade 7 and 8 at SSIS:

Critical Skills for Life and Academic Success!

The grade 7 & 8 is an important point of transition as students go through the physical and mental challenges of puberty. We recognize this as an exciting but also a challenging time for students. The SSIS Senior school has a dedicated grade 7 & 8 counsellor who works with all the students providing support and ‘personal development lessons’ on a fortnightly basis to help them through these important years.

In setting the tone for the senior school the students are taught how to develop sound work habits and attitudes so that all students can develop their full potential. These are based on both the IB learner profile and the school’s own code, the I4Cs: initiative, care, communication, commitment and collaboration.

The teachers provide excellent instruction to develop skills and knowledge in the subject areas of English, Math, Science, Chinese, Social Studies, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, and IT. Our teaching bridges the elementary school curriculum and also links with the IGCSE requirements in grade 9 and 10. The curriculum is crafted in accordance with the needs of our international student group, and aims towards achieving highly at IGCSE and IBDP.

There are many opportunities for students to apply and extend their skills and knowledge in rewarding and creative projects within each subject area, and within a wide and varied range of offerings in the After School Program, such as cooking, choir, school musical, sports, art club, orchestra, to name a few.

SSIS Senior School has a 1:1 laptop programme and the students are taught in Grade 7 and 8 how to manage this powerful tool. IT class also teaches them programs that support their learning in innovative ways, such as animation, and music software. Subject-area teachers reinforce the student’s IT skills in every day activities and special projects.

One of the highlights for Grade 7 & 8 is the summer camp. Students are given the opportunity to work and play together as they form vital friendships that will last a life time. Students are challenged to go beyond their comfort zone physically, through fun safe outdoor activities, which teaches them they are capable of achieving beyond the limits of their own mindsets academically.




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