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The curriculum in Grades 7-8 acts as a bridge between the Singaporean curriculum in the primary school and the Cambridge IGCSE programme in Grades 9 and 10. The curriculum has been adapted from the Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 Singaporean curricula and the Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint frameworks to prepare students for IGCSE.

It consists of a common core of English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese Language, Geography, History, Information Communication Technology, Visual Art, Drama and Physical Education.


Students are assigned to English and Chinese classes based on their English language ability. All other subjects are taught in mixed language ability classes. They also have scheduled Counselling lessons which have been customised to be developmentally appropriate and delivered by our specialist Grade 7 & 8 counsellor.


The Grade 7 & 8 curriculum has been designed to fit our local Shanghai context while also reflecting the needs and the international nature of our students and staff. Students study a broad and balanced range of subjects that lay the foundation for future success in the IGCSE Programme.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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