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The Senior School Visual Art Programme

Visual Art, Film and Design.


The SSIS Visual Arts and Design Department has a range of engaging Arts and Design curriculum that introduces students to a broad range of media through project based learning. 


In the lower years students use the Design Cycle as a framework to create works of art and design. Project based learning also teaches critical thinking (problem solving), research and presentation skills. 


These help to prepare the student for their future I.B Diploma and specialisation at this level. At SSIS we are proud to offer Visual Art and Film as Diploma options.


Grade 7 and 8 

Grade 7 and 8 students will learn and practice basic art techniques and the Elements and Principles of Art. Line, shape, color, texture, space, form, value, movement, balance, contrast, pattern, unity, rhythm and emphasis. Students will learn to apply the key Elements and Principles through exploring a variety of media and mediums such as drawing and painting, 3D sculpture, animation and print-making. The students will also learn aspects of art history and some of its leading artists related to each project.


Grade 9 and 10 

In years 9 and 10 the students will further learn to apply the Elements and Principles of Art to two specific areas of art: 1: Observational and Interpretive Drawing. (Still Life, Figurative and Imaginative). 2: Design. Logos, posters, book-covers, DVD and fashion design. Students will learn and explore through a variety of mediums and surfaces such as: tonal shading with pen, pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, oil pastel; acrylic paint, plaster, wire-netting, textured paper and hard materials, fabric and found objects. Students will also learn aspects of art history and some of its leading artists related to these content areas.

Over the two years of the course, the students will:

  • Work with a variety of techniques and media to develop their skills and understanding of the elements of the visual arts in both two and three-dimensional formats and not so new forms of emerging media, installation, video, digital and performance.
  • Investigate past, present and emerging forms of visual arts and engage in producing, appreciating and evaluating these.
  • Develop an understanding of visual arts from a local, national and international perspective.
  • Build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences.
  • Develop skills in, and sensibility to, the creation of works that reflect active and individual involvement.
  • Take responsibility for the direction of their learning through the acquisition of effective learning practices.


Grade 11 and 12 

The aim of IB Visual Art is to create artists who are capable of working in an independent manner. It is a course that prepares students for a range of university courses in the fields of Art and Design. This is a preparation for students interested in pursuing further studies in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Urban Design, Jewellery Design, Medical Artist, Court Artist, Illustrator, and many other practice related courses. In addition to practice, the course provides a theoretical introduction to Art History and Cultural Theory.


  • Syllabus

The IB has stipulated that the course must cover 3 main areas, and assesses these areas.


  • Visual Arts in context

Students  visit museums, artist studios, and explore artists in the classroom using books and internet sources. We learn how theorists consider a work of art, and learn some of the vocabulary they employ to discuss, analyse and compare art.


  • Curatorial practice

We look at the manner in which artworks are presented and how display alters, enhances or attributes meaning. We use our gallery and museum visits to assist the development of our own curatorial practice.


  • Arts making in practice

We explore and develop skills in drawing, painting, photography, and digital media. In the first year of the course students are guided through the creative process, the Design Cycle, through units of work. These will permit the exploration of different mediums and ideas and the development of skills.

The following Media are accepted by the IB as Visual Art.



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