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Child Protection Policy


Here at SSIS, it is every staff member’s responsibility to become familiar with this Child Protection Policy. In addition, it is important to know who to communicate with in case of any concern with regard to the protection the child, meaning any student in our care. Staff must also undertake the required Professional Learning in Safeguarding and follow all guidance on raising any concerns about the welfare or safety of any child and making an allegation against another member of staff. Confidentiality is essential and the lines of communication must be followed. Professional Sharing will include guidance on how to receive disclosure and record concerns.


Under the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child according to our guiding statements, we recognize that it is our duty to protect children from harm and respond to concerns of child abuse.


Every child, regardless of age, has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected from any situation or practice that may result in a compromise of their physical or emotional well-being. Whilst under our care, we have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the children in our school.


We strive to create an environment where parents and children will feel free to talk about any concerns and will view our school as a safe place. The views of the child will be taken seriously if he/she seeks help from a member of our staff. However, staff cannot guarantee confidentiality if concerns are such that a referral must be made to the appropriate agency or agencies in order to safeguard the child’s welfare. We will also take appropriate action should we find that the welfare of a child has been compromised. 


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