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An annual tradition here at SSIS is to host the transition information sessions during each academic year for families graduating from Kindergarten to Grade 1 and Grade 6 to Grade 7. The sessions are open to the public and parents who are interested in knowing more about the next steps in their child(ren)’s learning journey here at our school. We welcome all to attend.


These sessions are typically scheduled in the second trimester of the school year.
The sign-up registration will be opened as we approach the respective sessions. You may also contact SSIS Admissions for more details:


Tel: 021-6221 9288



Kindergarten to Grade 1 Transition Information Session

SSIS hosts its Kindergarten to Grade 1 transition meeting for parents interested in building a strong foundation with world-renowned Singapore curricula. At this meeting, potential Grade 1 parents will learn about what SSIS has to offer: English, Chinese, Math, Science and Social Studies curriculum, Counseling Support, Co-curricular Programs, After School Programs, Language Support Programs and the Farm to School Project. It is a great opportunity to tour the school campus, observe the happenings in the classrooms, and interact with to Grade 1 teachers and other members of staff. 


Grade 6 to Grade 7 Transition Information Session

The Grade 6 to Grade 7 transition meeting is for parents who are considering SSIS as a middle school of choice for their child. At this meeting, the Pre-IGCSE coordinator facilitates the presentation together with our counsellors, IB and IGCSE coordinators who will discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • Latest university matriculation information
  • Curricula in Grade 7-12
  • Common challenges students and parents face during this transition time including course schedule and grades.

 Students from Grade 7 and 8 will also share their first-hand experiences regarding adapting from Grade 6 to 7.



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