A student in today’s global environment faces intense competition, a rigorous curriculum, two or more languages to master, and all the social issues all children face. At SSIS, we want our students to learn but we also want them to be good people who care for others and who value humanity. Our staff of professional counsellors in both the senior school and the primary school are equipped to help your children be the best learners and the best people they can be. We work with a wide variety of students from those who struggle with academics to those who get straight As, those with friendship problems to those with excellent social skills, and many, many other types of students. Please feel free to drop by the counseling rooms in either the senior school or the primary school to learn more about how the team can help.

Counselling and Pastoral Care

Enable our I4C values to come alive through making them real by engaging our:

Head – Know the good
Heart – Care about the good
Hands – Practice the good

Transitions are always a challenge, especially during teenage years. Our Senior School counsellors help our students navigate these changes with study tips and strategies to cope with friendships, physical and emotional changes.

School counsellors are always available to lend a listening ear at SSIS. The school counselors are the best people to confide in, should our students need someone to share their worries, happiness or anxieties. Parents, teachers, and students may drop in at the counsellor’s office for a casual chat on anything that concerns them.

University and Career Guidance

Our Senior School students receive advice on career and university admission requirements through individual counseling and university guidance class by our guidance counsellors. Presentations by guest speakers and visiting university admissions personnel are organised on a regular basis. Career Day is an annual event and students participate in a life skills curriculum that includes career exploration as well as character education.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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