Primary School 

The SSIS Primary School Counselling Programme focuses on prevention. Through this programme the social and emotional development of primary age students is supported in a variety of ways.


Our programme provides regularly scheduled classroom lessons that teach children positive social skills. These lessons are developed to teach specific skills that address classroom and individual concerns. The lessons include friendship skills, problem solving, managing feelings and study skills. These counselling lessons also provide instruction and practice opportunities for students to learn our I4C values; initiative, communication, care, collaboration and commitment.


Individual and small group counselling is another component of our primary counselling programme. Parents or staff may refer a student to get additional support for social or emotional concerns in weekly sessions. Students have the opportunity to work on anger management, issues related to loss and other concerns that may interfere with a positive learning experience.


Our counsellor works closely with staff to provide in class support for students when necessary. Collaborating with teachers and parents, our counsellor helps develop plans for individual students who may need support.


Consultation for parents is provided through our primary counselling programme. The parent newsletter offers weekly parenting tips. Parents have the opportunity to meet with the counsellor to discuss social and emotional concerns regarding their child. Many parents find this opportunity to be a valuable resource.


Our counselling programme is designed specifically to support our diverse student demographic. We focus on providing a safe and happy environment through communication and support to allow for the social, emotional and academic growth of our students.


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