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Shanghai is the most cosmopolitan and vibrant city in China . It’s a city that never sleeps and its energy is infectious. Like many other cosmopolitan cities, Shanghai has so much to offer. From diverse cultural and sport events, exquisite dining opportunities, nightlife and shopping, to the magnificent modern and old architecture, historical sights and places of natural beauty. It is simply not possible to be bored in Shanghai, which makes living and working in it a unique experience. We at Shanghai Singapore International School take pride in hiring dedicated and enthusiastic teachers to join our existing staff. We are sure you will enjoy life and work in this beautiful city and you can read what our teachers say about working at SSIS:

“Working at SSIS is a joy more than it is a job; I love watching the students learn and grow, and I’m genuinely excited to see what kind of people they turn out to be. It also helps that my colleagues are a diverse bunch of gifted, caring and seriously interesting individuals. Getting to work with them every day is a privilege and a pleasure.” Laura Winberg, English Teacher

“I love working in SSIS in Shanghai. It’s incredibly exciting to teach such a diverse group of students. I feel a member of a team of energized and highly competent international teachers. I also feel very fortunate that I can make a difference in the lives of global children.” Doruk Gurkan, Senior School Principal

“Great schools cannot exist without great groups of students, and positive and encouraging teachers. At SSIS the pupils can learn, grow, and experience life in China and benefit from an international education from dedicated teachers from over 20 different countries. It makes our school a special place that enriches the lives and education of every child who studies here.”Garry Hughes, English Teacher

See full list of teacher benefits below.

Our teachers’ benefits includes:

  • A competitive salary paid in RMB plus re-signing incentives
  • A two year contract (renewable by mutual agreement)
  • Annual flights to and from your point of origin
  • Tuition fee waiver for 2 dependent children per teaching family
  • Housing Allowance
  • Moving Allowance
  • Accident / Medical Insurance
  • Dependent’s Subsidy Allowance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Usage of school bus service to and from school at designated points
  • Lunch
  • Laptop Subsidy
  • Mobile Phone Allowance
  • Continuing professional development


Our teaching staff enjoy:

  •  Excellent technology and facilities
  • A caring and friendly community
  • A supportive school leadership team
  • Motivated, caring and happy students who enjoy learning
  • A positive learning environment
Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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