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Green Hoaloha

Who are we?
Hoaloha means friends in Hawaii, so Green Hoaloha means friend of Green initiatives.


Green Hoaloha is a group that helps to promote awareness, facilitates actions, and implements projects towards sustainable models of growth and consumption. Our mission is to develop in our community a compassion for the environment and become a truly responsible global citizen.


What we have done?

Community projects where everyone can make a difference.

  1. Farm-to-School project

On March 12th 2013, China’s Arpor Day, the SSIS community in Xuhui Campus officially launched the Farm-to-School Project, collaboration between the school community and Mahota Farm experts.  After months of hard work by the students, they finally managed to show off and share the harvest with their parents on Grand Harvest Day, 17th June. With the success of the pilot project in Xuhui Campus, the Minhang Campus followed suit the next year.


The Farm-to-School Project has given SSIS teachers another avenue to make learning more fun, interesting and relevant as they bring other subject content areas into the project and tie these together into a coherent whole. SSIS teachers have not only taken learning beyond the classroom; they have gone one step further and brought the elements of farming and nature into the classroom. Through the project, the students learn about sustainability, appreciate nature and understand that our soil is our future!

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Water saving initiatives

When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact. The logistics department had begun installing water-saving valves on water taps. Just a simple device can help to save 2/3 of the current water usage!!!



  1. Energy saving initiatives

The logistics department is starting to replace existing florescent light bulb with LED light bulb. The new light bulb is brighter and yet uses less energy.


  1. Paper saving initiatives
  • SSIS ICT department had taken major stride in its effort to help reduce paper usage in the school. Newsletters, notices, sign ups that used to require thousands of paper to be sent home to parents had been replaced by electronic means.
  • A group of G12 students also undertake a Save Paper Project for their CAS assignment. They helped to sort out waste in classrooms into paper and others, and weight the amount of papers used each week. During assembly, they presented their findings to the rest of the students and shared ways that could further reduce the use of papers in school.


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Other than promoting green initiatives in SSIS, we are also a believer in supporting green sustainable businesses and organizations.


  1. Waste2wear school uniform

In 2014, SSIS changed our uniform to an eco-friendly textiles made by Waste2Wear® recycled fabrics.

  1. Roots and Shoots

Roots & Shoots was founded in 1991, when Dr. Goodall started to give talks at local schools in Tanzania. Its goal is to bring together youth from preschool to university age to work on environmental, conservation and humanitarian issues.


For many years, SSIS has been showing our support for their campaigns by raising funds via different groups in community.  One of the campaigns that we also supported was their Million Tree Project, which began in 2007, with aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment.

Join us!

Green Hoaloha is calling out to all of you out there to join us. Share with us the green initiatives that are going in your classrooms or at home!

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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