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Transcripts/School Documents


  • For ex-students requesting school documents please note that for all K-6 documents, please email: A fee of 10 yuan will be charged per grade set of documents.


  • For ex-students requesting  all 7-12 documents, please email: counselling@ssis_asia. A fee of 10 yuan will be charged for each set of transcript/activity/certificate of graduation requested. 


  • For currents students requiring documents for transferring from SSIS the first set of documents is free of charge. Additional sets of documents will have a fee of 10 yuan.


The school will arrange for shipping of original documents but all expenses must be paid by the ex-student making the request.


We will try to make our best to get these document to you as quickly as possible but may need up to 5 business days to prepare documents.


Admission Testing


Many students who are transferring from SSIS to another school need to do supervised admission tests as part of their new school’s application process.


SSIS is happy to facilitate this process but parents should note that it can be quite time consuming-invigilating tests, making copies, scanning and arranging for confidential return to the school involved. As a result, there is a flat 100 yuan service fee per school to administer admission tests.

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