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At SSIS, part of our core philosophy is the development of confident and independent learners, and one of our I4C values is communication. We believe we can better develop independence and confidence in our learners if both students and parents have regular feedback about student progress. Our parent teacher conferences and student led conferences form the cornerstone of this communication, but regular e A mail and newsletter communication as well as frequent informational meetings enhance it. Now, we are pleased to introduce anew tool that will give you continuous access to your child’s progress in his or her classes. We call this new tool our “Parent Portal”.  With it, you will be able to log in and view your child’s most recent assessment results and attendance as well other school information. We hope it further strengthens the link between home and school to support student learning.

Please take note that our district code for mobile app is QGRK

1. Open your internet browser
2. Go to http://powerschool.ssis.asia

create account 1
3. Click on (Create Account).
4. Click on the blue Create Account button.
5. Enter your information in the following screen. Please create your own unique username and password which you will use to login at a later time.

create account 2

(Reminder: password should be at least 8 characters long)

create account 3

finish create account

6. Fill in student name, access ID, and access password with the information provided at the top of the first page for each of your students and click enter at the bottom of the form.

1. Open your internet browser
2. Go to http://powerschool.ssis.asia

forgot password 1

3. Click Forgot Username or Password

forgot password 2

4. If you  have forgotten your password, please enter the username and email address you used when you registered.


forgot password 4

5. If you  have forgotten your username and password, please enter the email address you used when you registered.

6. If you  have forgotten both of them, please contact us at: pstech@ssis.asia.


When you login the Parent Portal, you will see the Navigation on the left.

• Grades and Attendance , click to view student grades and attendance for the current term.

• Attendance History, click to view the attendance in school.

• Teacher Comments , click to view any teacher comments.

•  Account Preferences, click to update your profile.

• Demographic Update , click to update your demographic data.

• My Schedule , click to view current school schedule.

• School Information , click to view the current school information.
When logged in and looking at a specific course you can simply click on the grade to show more
information. Any score that is bold and has a link with it will bring up a comment when clicked.

  For any technical issues regarding PowerSchool contact: pstech@ssis.asia

For any issues regarding a specific class please contact the teacher.

If you need additional help contact your respective principal.

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Shanghai Singapore International School

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