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Mission Statement

‘We are committed to enrich the life of our children and SSIS community through involvement and support of educational, social and charity events and activities outside of the school curriculum.’



At SSIS, both the parents and the school recognise that parents play an important role in the success of a child’s education. We go hand in hand in the belief that effective collaboration between school and families are essential foundation to help reinforce positive attitudes and values that our children can emulate to support their own personal development growth.  In addition, a strong SSIS community bond between school and families will help ensure that our children grow not only in pride as an SSIS student but also in confidence to be an effective citizen of the world.


The Parent Support Group (PSG) serves as a platform where parents can volunteer their time and effort to help promote and ensure that the collaborative bonds remain strong.


There are a number of avenues in school in which parents can volunteer their time. Depending on the various school activities and events held throughout the year organized by the school or PSG, parents have the opportunity to give their time, share their skills, talents and experiences. Some examples are from assisting at the classroom as reading moms, at athletic events as a time or scorekeeper, assisting in the library or serving as an executive committee member for PSG. During orientation day parents are welcome to list their names with the PSG who then can contact parents throughout the academic year for availability of time to volunteer at any events or activities.


Contact us

For any PSG related activities enquiries and suggestions, please email us at

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