Alumni Office Regulation

Established in 2017, Shanghai Singapore International School Alumni Office has over 340 members from more than 40 countries across the globe. SSIS Alumni Office reaches out in varied ways across multiple channels to ensure our alumni stay connected and engaged with SSIS, their alma mater.


SSIS Vision

The realization of a lifelong learner with strength of character and love of humanity.


Alumni Office Vision

To nurture mutually beneficial and lifelong relationships with alumni and, reaching out in varied ways across multiple channels to ensure alumni connection and engage them along alma master, SSIS’ aspiration.


Alumni Office Purpose

  • To presence the SSIS heritage.
  • To establish and maintain an effective communication infrastructure among alumni.
  • To verify and approve the foundation of alumni groups all over the world, promoting the growing of each alumni group to form a global alumni network.
  • To enhance bonding and fellowship through social, cultural, educational, sports, scientific and special interests activities.
  • To provide service for alumni’s visit and actuate the other departments in school to work together for alumni related operation.
  • To develop and maintain the social network platform such as school website, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to update the alumni information and establish connection with magazines to deliver alumni voice.
  • To encourage and facilitate alumni to contribute to the society as leaders and responsible citizens.

SSIS Core Values

I Foresee (I4C)

I: Initiative

C: Care

C: Commitment

C: Collaboration

C: Communication


Alumni Office Values


F: Foresight

I: Integrity

R: Rootedness

M: Management


Alumni Branches and Ambassadors


North America Branch
Key Contact @ Sherry HSIAO Chih Ling


Sherry HSIAO Chih Ling

CLASS of 2014

Year 4 in Berklee College of Music, Music education bachelor’s degree with minor in music technology


Europe Branch

Key Contact @ William ZHONG


William ZHONG Zheng Hao

CLASS of 2014

Year 4 in Imperial College of London, Bachelor of Science degree in Theoretical Physics. Currently working on masters degree in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces

Asia Branch

Key Contact @ MELNIKOV Vladimir and ARIKAWA Kinji 


CLASS of 2015

Year 3 in Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, MBBS Program


ARIKAWA Kinji Japan  

CLASS of 2016

Year 2 in Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, MBBS Program


Oceania Branch

Key Contact @ Pei Wen ONG


Pei Wen ONG

CLASS of 2017

Year 1 in University of New South Wales, Medicine (Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine)

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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