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[ALUMNI] Future Curator from SSIS Year of 2015


I am Jing CHENG


In this issue we have invited our alumna Ms Jing CHENG to share with us her life in SSIS and current university as well as her experience of how
to integrate into a new environment, and how to discover yourself and
hone your skills.

What is your fondest memories of SSIS?

My fondest memories in SSIS was the time I spent with my basketball team.
As a transfer student in Grade 9, it was sports that allowed me to make friends and integrate into the new environment. I dedicated all my high school years to the team and brought SSIS from a division 2 team to a division 1 plate champion team with my teammates.

Tell us more about your current school, is it your dream school?
I am in my final year of study at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art
and Design (CSM)
. When I was applying to colleges, I was mainly looking
at comprehensive universities in the United States. Nevertheless, I felt
a little wasteful if I do not apply to any British colleges with an IB
diploma, especially when my grades are relatively high. I got pretty
ambitious with my choices of the British colleges. I applied to the
Oxford University along with three other highest ranked universities. On
the day of application submission, my counselor advised me to apply to
one more school to make it five on UCAS (the British college application
website) since they all look at the same application. And CSM was the
last school I added to the list. I knew nothing about this college when I
applied, even though it ranks as one of the best art and design
colleges in the world. Surprisingly, CSM turns out to be the most
suitable school
for my desired field of study.
have never regretted a tiny bit since my first day of college. CSM is
an art and design college. It is an extremely creative and accepting
environment where individuality is highly encouraged. Everybody is so
honest about their identity, which exposes me to many sub-cultural
stylesand certainly made me a more open-minded person. Surrounded by
these artistic individuals also helped me to discover who I am and who I
want to be. I have changed my hairstyle so many times in the last two
years in order to find the most appropriate physical form that would
represent my authentic self.

What is your major and the job field you expect to go into?
am a year-3 student studying ‘culture,criticism, and curation’. This is a
relatively new field of study which prepares students to become future
. Curator, by definition, is the ‘keeper’ of artworks. However,
in the contemporary context, curators have a more academic and important
role in organizing exhibitions in art spaces. This course at CSM
exposes me to both the the oretical knowledge of art history and art
market as well as the practical skills of exhibition organizing.
My aspiration to become a curator started in high school. In Grade 11, I
curated an art exhibition along with four other students from SSIS (this
is what I meant by being experimental at school). Since then, I have
decided to work inthe art world as an independent curator. After three
years of study, this has changed as I am now more interested in museums
studies. I expect myself
to work at one of the private museums in China.
This is a very explicit plan.  As China is undergoing a cultural boom,
it needs curators and art professionals’ assistances to consummate the
system and establish a healthy art ecology.
What are you busy with besides the studying at university?
What is the coolest thing you’ve done in university?
In these three years, I have always tried to put my the oretical studies
into practice
. Last year, I curated an art exhibitio
n for a Chinese
artist in London with the sponsorship of China Art Fund
. The project took
four months of planning and was on for one week at Royal Opera Arcade
Gallery in Central London. Meanwhile, I am working on an online art
with my friend that aims to promote youth culture and young
talented artists
in London. In addition to the online website, we also
host musical and cultural events in collaboration with fashion brands
and art institutions.
To escape from the arts a little bit,
I also play basketball for my university.

 Your message to the current SSIS students

is the message I would probably give to anybody who is still attending
school regardless of the education level. Being in my last year of
college, I have realized that school is an experimental environment where
the most creative ideas emerge. SSIS is such a diverse community of
multi-cultural individuals and professionals.Use this resource fully
and experiment your projects and ideas here.
the same time, be critical about your environment. By this, I mean make
some changes to your school. Nobody is perfect,and no school is perfect.
If you ever discover a way to improve this environment, do not hesitate
to act. School is a micro-society and a practice field. If you are able
to make a difference in a school, then you won’t beafraid to take
actions in another environment.

Your message to your alma master, SSIS
Keep Striving For Excellence!


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