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We are very excited here at the Senior School as we have just sent out the invitations to Grade 6 students to attend a Transition Day on January 30th. Both Minhang and Xuhui grade 6 students will come together to get a “taste” of Senior School. 

First, the day will start with the students joining in the auditorium for an informational session given by Ms. Tara Brennan (Pre-IGCSE Coordinator) and current Grade 7&8 students who will all offer them information on what their life will be like next year. Topics will include, the difference in classes in primary and senior school, the new uniform, ASPs, lunch, lockers, and Student Council. There will be plenty of time to answer questions students have for both Ms. Brennan and the students.

Afterwards, students will be heading off to check out a few Senior School classrooms. The students will be participating in mini-lessons for Math, Science, English and Guidance. This will give them a taste of what classes are like next year and a chance to meet some of their future teachers. Then, the day will end in the Merlion Cafe where students will eat lunch before heading back to their normal days. We are looking forward to welcoming our future students!


To register for the annual G6 to G7 transition meeting for parents (24th Jan), please copy and paste the link below to fill out the form. 


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