It’s Harvest Time!
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It’s harvest time! Our students were able to harvest their crops in early winter despite the multiple typhoons in Shanghai. They were excited about their first harvest and spent their time after lunch picking the first batch of cherry radishes and lettuces from their class plots. Let us hear what some students said about harvest time!


Question: What did your class grow?

Kate Alexandra COFFIN, G4I: Cherry radishes and lettuces!

TAN Kai Sheng, G5P: We grew some cherry radishes and lettuces but the lettuces were not growing well.


Question: Do you enjoy gardening and why?

Alex CHEUNG, G4I: I enjoy gardening because I can learn how to take care of plants and get the chance to harvest them.

Kate Alexandra COFFIN, G4I: Yeah, I like it. It is fun to work with mud and water while gardening.

Jade Ruth RAMPTON, G5P: Yes, I can learn more about plants and watch them grow.


Question: What do you plan to do with your harvest?

Alex CHEUNG, G4I: I plan to eat them with my family.

Jade Ruth RAMPTON, G5P: I plan to either share them with my classmates or take them home to enjoy eating them with my family.

TAN Kai Sheng, G5P: I will eat them as salad, either with my favourite sauce or just plain nothing; it will taste equally yummy.  I want to grow them in my backyard too.


Students were in earnest to prepare a delicious dish with their harvest for their parents. For the third year running, our Farm to School Programme has been helping students to develop a sense of responsibility and pride in them, and improve their self-esteem.  


Do stay tuned for news on our next harvest time!






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