Student Services

T1W2 – 9 Sept 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Jae Oh, and I am excited to join the SSIS community this year as a Director of Student Services. I am Korean-Mexican, and this is my 8th year working at international schools. With the expertise in Special Education and School Counselling, I hope to share my experience and knowledge to support students to appreciate the essence of learning and delve more deeply into their inner selves.  

Student Services is an umbrella term that consists of School Counsellors, Learning Support specialists, and collaborate closely with the EAL department. This year, we look forward to continuing collaborating with the students, teachers, and families to ensure a safe, inclusive learning environment that meets individual learning needs and identities.  

Meet the team of our wonderful counsellors: 

  • Mr. Daniel Gould (Head of Counselling / University Counselling, School Counsellor for G11&12) 
  • Mr. Emre Basoglu (School Counsellor for G9&10) 
  • Ms. Carola Somare (School Counsellor for Preschool and G7&8) 
  • Ms. Joy Zheng (School Counsellor for G1-6) 

We hope to provide tools/resources and strategies students and families can use at home in the newsletter, and also give you the overview of upcoming parent workshops which include but are not limited to: 

  • Common Learning Difficulties in schools 
  • Executive Functioning Skills  
  • Parenting Tips for Teens 
  • Study skills and Learning Habits 
  • Angst in Teens and how to support them 
  • Wellness tools at home 

We look forward to partnering with you!