Family & Pick-Up ID Card

The Shanghai Singapore International School Family Card/PICK-UP Card identifies one as a parent of an SSIS student and a member of the SSIS Parent Support Group (PSG).



The validity of the Family Card takes effect from when the student officially reports to SSIS till the last day of school when the student officially withdraws from SSIS. To gain access to the school compound, all parents will need to swipe their Family Card at the school gate, and wear the Family Card at all times within the campus.

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If parents cannot pick up their child, they can designate up to two pick-up proxies and will need to submit the ID photo of the adult(s) to apply for the Pick-up Card. 

Pick-up cardholders will be allowed into the school compound after all the school buses have left the compound. Your child(ren) will be able to depart with you after you show your Pick-up Card to the Security Officer.

Your oldest child can help you collect your card(s) within one week of submission. If you require additional assistance, please email our IT Service at