Sabre Spirit Day 2018
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Sabre Spirit Day was filled with excitement from students, staff and parents. Everyone was wearing red, blue or white to support the volleyball teams. There was a great crowd who cheered on the teams until 6:30pm. What awesome school spirit and support! During the games the band with teachers and students started playing, it helped the teams to stay motivated and give their very best.

Big thanks to our Coaches before the team reports. Mr. Randy Limon, Ronald Igar, Nilan Senaratna, Jamie Cattran and Alumni student Krystal Teo. Our teams are so lucky to have you leading them and we appreciate all that you do.


Thanks to everyone that sent support! It was great to see students, staff, families and parents in the crowd cheering.

From the Sabre Volleyball Players: 

The D2 played against SCIS, with a tough start in the first set ending with 18-25, but came in together after every point to push each other and reset, move on, and focus on the next one. With all the motivation, they caught up in the second set winning it by 25-18. The last set was very intense and the players were exhausted from all the jumping, setting, serving but put in every last ounce of energy to a close finish of 12-15. It was a hard game but the D2 girls never gave up and always kept fighting for every point.

D1 girls played against WISS the first set being very close but they didn’t give up and gave it their best by then winning it by a close and exciting 28-26; and finished the second set off by 25-15. With some great and powerful over hand serves, our girls surprised the other team, SCIS, and even the spectators. Our team won both sets and ended the second set with 25-16. These were the last two games of the season and the D1 girls definitely gave it all they had.

At the away courts, our D1 Boys lost the first game against SCIS 0-2 but the boys won the second game against WISS 2-0. D2 boys lost their game to an opponent that was very advanced compared to our boys but they learned a lot from the experience

From the Senior School Student Council:

Student council held a bake sale in order to increase the spirit and encourage our teams. During ASPs, they baked double chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and shaved ice with several flavors during lunch time and Gatorade after school. It all paid off to see the cookies and muffins getting sold out. It was a completely amazing experience.

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