Shanghai Student Film Festival 2017
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SSIS students will be taking part in the 17th Annual Shanghai Student Film Festival on Friday, 17th and Saturday, 18th March. Films from both the Primary and Senior Schools will be entered into the festival, which Mr Simon Jackson’s film with Grade 4 won last year. The event is hosted by the Shanghai Vancouver Film School and this year there will be special guest speakers from professional studios including Dreamworks Pictures, and also the chance to make a film. During the 2 years of their IBDP course, SSIS students cover every aspect of the art and the craft of film making; from brainstorming ideas to writing a structured script, from practical film making techniques to studying the history of film and the theory of cinema. The young film makers learn valuable skills – technical, critical and creative – that they can use in the future.   

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Film making is a valuable skill involving many aspects of sound, vision, creativity and organisation. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and only the ones who have tried to make a film will know exactly what it entails. Having an opportunity to listen to professional film makers, make a short film, and see their own work shown is something that makes SSIS students very excited. We wish them all the best.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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