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Eighty vibrant, brightly-coloured booths dotted the gymnasium on the 12th of March. To any student walking in for the first time that day, it was a daunting sight. Strangers with million-watt smiles seemed to hurl brochures at anyone who strolled by, and the lists of majors printed on stands behind each of them seemed endless and complex. Everything was so inviting and yet so nerve-racking. In the first few minutes within the opening of the University Fair, the only sounds that could be heard were the nervous shuffling of feet and hesitant murmuring amongst friends. Representatives of universities from all over the world stood waiting for their first chance at an interaction.

As the clock ticked on, however, more and more students plucked up the courage to approach a representative – an action that would lead to their first of many purposeful conversations. The representatives patiently helped to decrypt the enigma of college and its relative matters. Any uncertainty in the students melted into curiosity and fuelled them to further question the delegates. They walked away from each booth smiling, clutching new booklets filled with information that they now knew how to comprehend.


With so many universities from so many different areas, it seemed as though students could travel all over the world while standing in the gym. Photos of campuses allowed them to envision what life would be like in Hong Kong China, Canada, the United States and even the United Kingdom. They had the chance to compare the traits of universities in several countries. The wide range of visiting universities very much appealed to the internationalism reflected in the students of SSIS.


Photo by G12 CHEN, Pui Lam Cheryl

For most, the University Fair was a golden opportunity to be able to gain more insight into life after graduation. For others, it provided them with the chance to widen their options or verify what they would have to achieve. Regardless, it is without a doubt that the fair was beneficial to all and was very well run by the Counselling Department and student ambassadors.


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Shanghai Singapore International School

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