SSIS 20th Anniversary Art & Writing Competition
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SSIS invites all Primary and Senior students to take part in the Art and Writing Competition to mark the 20th anniversary of SSIS. The topic of the competition is “SSIS in the year 2036“.

The Writing Competition

Grade 3-12 students will have to engage their imagination and writing skills to describe what our school would be like in 20 years’ time.

What will the school day look like? What technology will the students use? What will the school uniform look like?

All genres of writing will be accepted, short story, poem, sci-fi, article, fiction, non-fiction, and any other form you can imagine.


The Art Competition

Primary students (Grade 1-2) will design the 20th anniversary bookmark in school.

Senior students will design what they think an SSIS classroom, or the whole school, will look like in the year 2036. The design must include the school name and the logo, it must be A3 size and students may choose the medium. 

The best works will be selected by our wonderful art teachers.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to shine as the best SSIS writers and artists. And remember, that the winners will be awarded wonderful prizes. The writing pieces should be submitted to each class’s English teacher and art works be submitted to art teachers. The submission deadline for all categories is 6th January 2017.






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