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SSIS Senior Sabre Sports Day

Last week at SSIS (Minhang Campus) the Senior school hosted the biggest house event of the year.  During our Sabre Sports Day, the students were given an opportunity to demonstrate their spirit by representing their house colours with a positive competitive attitude.

The day began with team flag preparation and cheer practice. The opening ceremony was complete with a display on the Chinese drums by some of our talented students and the performing arts department. Throughout the day, groups were split into age groups and competed in events they had practiced during physical education lessons over the previous weeks. 

Grade 7/8 competed in a combination of team and individual events while Grade 9 through 12 competed in more traditional athletic events. They were given the responsibility to pick their races based on previously achieved personal bests. The results in time and distance showed great improvements by many athletes.

The track events had highly competitive races and some excellent support from the crowd in the bleachers. The blazing sun made some events more difficult but the students carried on and demonstrated one of school traits by showing strength of character through effort and participation. The 100m finals and 4 x 100 relays brought the most excitement from the crowd with plenty of runners stealing a win right on the finish line. 

The day ended when scores were totaled, last cheers from each house and the gym roared as we shared the final results.

4th – Ruby

3rd – Amber

2nd – Sapphire

1st – Pearl

A huge congratulation to Pearl house on a well-deserved trophy win and thank you to all students for your enthusiasm and effort throughout the day. The Physical Education department would also like to recognize all of the teachers and supporters that put in a huge amount of work to make this day a success.


Minhang Primary Track and Field Day

Minhang Primary also hosted the Grade 3-6 Sabre Track and Field Day on September 28, 2018, with students participating in a variety of track and field events and various different sporting activities. Our students displayed a great amount of talent and sportsmanshipthroughout the whole event and should be congratulated for their efforts.

We would like to thank all the parents who took the time to support and cheer on the students. A big thank you to all the Primary School teachers for their help and especially the PE team from both the Primary and Secondary School, since without them this event would not be possible. The PE team looks forward to our Term 1 Grade 1-2 Games Afternoon on Thursday October 11, 2018.

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