SSIS Turns 22 TODAY!: SSIS Turns 22 TODAY!
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Established on 3rd September 1996, SSIS commemorates more than two decades of excellence and anticipates more successes in the years ahead. This year is a very significant one at SSIS as we are witnessing the realization of years of planning with the completion of the Phase 3 School Expansion Project which includes the Aquatic Centre and the Merlion Residence. These stand as testament to our school’s efforts and commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

                            Brand New Learning Spaces

Over at the Minhang Campus, our SSIS community came together to celebrate our 22nd Birthday and the first ever SSIS IBDP Scholarship Award Ceremony last Friday. We were also pleased to have Vladimir MELNIKOV, graduate of 2015, Pathfinder and ex-President of the Student Council, reminiscing his time spent at SSIS, his alma mater.

                               Sweet Memories                                                 

There was also a birthday bash at Xuhui Campus today. For both parties, selected students sharing the same birthdate as the school were ushered on stage to witness the cake cutting ceremony. 

All students, teachers and staff also got to enjoy a sweet treat as part of our celebrations. In addition, the SSIS Birthday Well-wishes display all the heartfelt blessings for the school from our community.

We are honored to have such a group of passionate students and supportive parents in our school.We want to take this occasion to thank the parents for all the years of trust and support. We value quality partnership with the community and strive to develop peaks of excellence amongst students and staff. We endeavor to work for a better tomorrow!

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