SSIS wishes all families a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
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The infusion of Inter-cultural learning experiences is an important feature in our curriculum. SSIS is committed to educating our students on the essence of Chinese culture through active participation and authentic experiences. 

During the celebration of traditional Chinese festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, the most tangible way for students to gain a deeper awareness and appreciation of the Chinese culture is for our students to:

Planned Activities:

·Carry out DIY activities

·Sample traditional foods

·Listen & watch portrayal of tales and legends

Thus the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival – a symbol of family reunion is one that should not be missed.

Engaging our Community 

through Mid-Autumn Festival

Whilst we spend time with our family during this festive weekend, at SSIS we extend our care to our community by walking out of our school gates. A group of Grade 6 MH students visited the elderly at the NEY Evergreen Nursing Homeland.

The students spent the afternoon reading to the old folks, chatting with them and even singing for them. During our interactions with them, our elderly friends were so touched by these gestures and some even shed tears of joy.

Mid-Autumn Cultural Experiences 

The other highlights of our Mid-Autumn Festival celebratory activities on 21 September:

DIY Mooncakes

Lantern painting & making

Portrayal of the legend by students and staff 

We wish all of you a happy holiday and

 a wonderful family reunion!

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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