Student Leaders in the Making: One for All and All for One
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During the recent Student Leadership Camp that took place last Thursday and Friday, Grade 3 to Grade 6 student leaders from both Xuhui and Minhang campuses came together for a one-and-a-half-day training where they went from being strangers to working closely with one another in teams that demonstrated their willingness to work for the greater good of SSIS, with all the I4C values in full display.  

During the camp held at Minhang, they learnt the meaning of leadership, received first-hand tips from their counterparts in Senior School, integrated well by pitching tents and solving problems together. Most importantly, they learnt to value one another regardless of gender, grade, campus, academic standing, etc. because they are all from the same school. 

As the quote from Nguyen Bao Long Achilles Grade 5 Amber below aptly sums up,“We may be from different countries and different campuses, but we wear the same shirt!
SSIS – Providing Opportunities for Student Leadership Development in Every Child
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