Supermarkets and Theatres at Xuhui Preschool | 徐汇幼儿园超市、剧场开幕
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The whole of Xuhui Campus bustled with excitement on Friday, 10th March 2017. It was the opening day of the K1’s supermarkets and K2’s theatres. 



All the ‘supermarket staff’ took their places and waited for the customers. There were cashiers, security guards, store managers, promoters and sales people. The students took their ‘job’ seriously. When the customers arrived, everybody began to work.

While the K1 students were busy serving customers in their supermarkets, the K2 students began their puppet shows and screened their movie. The ‘ushers’ made sure that the audience had their tickets before ushering them to their seats.



At the end of the day, as the K1 and K2 students began to pack up their classrooms which had been converted into supermarkets and theatres, the excitement remained strong in the air. Their smiles and laughter had a strong tinge of pride and a great sense of accomplishment. Their supermarkets and theatre shows were a great success!









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