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Facilities for Expanded Student Scale

In anticipation of an expanded student population come the new academic year, the Phase 3 expansion project has alreeady served to relieve the space constraints faced by the ever-burgeoning myraid of programmes, initiatives and after-achool activities that develops our holistic and well-balanced SSIS student. The commencement of the Phase 4 expansion project will add more learning and performing spaces so as to showcase the talents of our SSIS student population. Stay tuned for more updates on our school expansion project.


Faculty Allocation

The need to retain and recruit the best teachers is always an important focus for SSIS. That is why, we have many well-loved teachers who have been with the school for more than 10 years, some even close to 20 years! When both campuses integrates, all staff will be redeployed in a position of best fit so that teaching and learning will be further enhanced. Moreover, new roles and responsibilities will be created to further strengthen the organisational needs to lead SSIS into a brand new chapter of our history! Exciting times are ahead!


School Bus Transportation

One of the biggest concerns for Xuhui parents is the travel time from their existing home address to the Minhang campus. The school has equivocally promised that for every child from Xuhui who decides to re-register for Minhang in AY1920, there will be a bus route that will address their need. Moreover, the time spent on a bus for any student will be capped to no more than 90 minutes under normal traffic conditions to ensure the health and safety of our students are not compromised. It turned out to be as expected – a major operation in itself for our School Bus Transport Department whose members had to spend hours scouring the street maps of Shanghai in order to work out the preliminary bus routes for the next school year. Though the routes are still subject to change, it is an assurance for our exisitng parents who choose to faithfully support us that their child(ren) will have a safe and comfortable way to travel to and fro from school.


SSIS Best Practices

A catchphrase that we having been adopting in many of our conversations is “The SSIS Way”. Though many practices have been ingrained in many of us over time, all of us are open and yet at the same time careful to not default to “we’ve always been doing it like this” as a means to not rest on our laurels. Instead, the mindset to maintain is one of adopting the best practices, the best of both the XH and MH worlds and to create the SSIS Way.



“Coming Together as One” Combined Events

AY2018-2019 Term 1 (20 August – 23 November 2018)

20-21 September – Combined Student Leadership Camp

13 October – Combined Parents Workshop 1:English & Chinese Language Workshop

17-19 October – G6 Combined Camp to Mahota Town, Penglai

27 October – Combined Super Family Day

17 November – Combined Parents Workshop 2: STEAM, Mathematics & Science Workshop


AY2018-2019 Term 2 (26 November 2018 – 22 March 2019)

9 January – K2 to G1 Combined Parent Transition Meeting

16 January – G6 to G7 Combined Parent Transition Meeting

22 January – G6 Students’ visit to Senior School

13 March – PSG Coffee Morning 3


AY2018-2019 Term 3 (25 March – 14 June 2019)

12 April – International Friendship Day

31 May – Children’s Day Celebration

3 June – Combined Sports Day

6 June – K2 Combined Graduation Ceremony

6 June – G6 Combined Graduation Ceremony

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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