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Our Core Values:I4Cs


Shanghai Singapore International School is working to better promote out students’ understanding and experience with the values associated with the I4Cs. The I4Cs are:

  • Initiative   
  • Care       
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment


These five core values are taught to primary students through the Pastoral Care curriculum. SSIS aims to use five core values to instill these qualities in students so that they may become better citizens. Our Assertive Discipline Policy is built around the I4C values. Students who are observed displaying these values during the school day will be rewarded with a recognition certificate. All students who receive these certificates will be eligible to receive a small prize during our assemblies. Promoting this value system will create an even better school environment for your child.


While acknowledging those who are doing the right thing, it is also important to have a system set up for those students who continue to display inappropriate behaviours. If a Grade 3-6 student displays inappropriate behaviour, he/she will be granted one warning. If this student continues to display the same behaviour after this warning has been given, appropriate action will be taken and parents will be informed so you are aware of what has happened. Please refer to the Code of Conduct in the Student Planner for more information. We are expecting to award many recognition certificates to students who display I4C values. We appreciate your support in implementing a behaviour system that reinforces and acknowledges more positive behaviours and the I4Cs adopted by SSIS.




Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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