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LEE Eunice


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Building, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Post Graduate Degree in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore (NIE)

Eunice Siow spent the last 8 years teaching English, Math and Science in a Singapore Primary School and will be teaching Grade 3 in the new academic year in SSIS. She received training from the National Institute of Education in Singapore, and was also trained in Gifted Education in Science, where the teaching strategies were tailored towards high-ability students.

Eunice enjoys working together with parents to further enhance learning beyond the confines of the classroom. She was also the coordinator in her school’s Parent Engagement Team.

As an educator, her goal is to encourage and cultivate in students the joy of learning. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and doing various outdoor sport activities like hiking, running and cycling.

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