Lu Wenyun
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LU WENYUN (Maggie)

Lu Wenyun (Maggie)

SSIS welcomes the new Mathematics Teacher Maggie Lu highly dedicated teacher from New Zealand. It is the genuine love of children that draws her to teaching. She loves teaching and always enjoys sharing ideas with young people. She believes no one will forget a meaningful teacher who has an impact in their life. It is the student-teacher relationship that brings the students and the subject together. She believes teachers should expect great things from every student, regardless of skill, talent and ability. A good teacher will engage with students personally as well as academically. She wants to share her passion in Mathematics with every student that she is going to interact with at SSIS. She completed her Bachelor Degree and teacher training in Auckland, New Zealand. This is her eighth year of teaching as a full-time Secondary Mathematics Teacher in New Zealand. She can teach both Calculus and Statistics up to the University Level. She is currently teaching Full-time at Epsom Girls Grammar School in New Zealand. She has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities at her school such as running the Australian Mathematics Competition, Chinese Extravaganza Group, School Table Tennis Team, Sweeney Todd Drama Production and supervising the girls’ NZCT T20 qualifying tournament for Cricket. In 2015, she was invited to the NZAMT conference organizing committee by the Auckland Mathematical Association.


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