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Phyllis Chia


Master of Science, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

I used to teach mathematics in an international school, Istanbul, for five years. Prior to Istanbul, I was teaching in Singapore Polytechnic for 3 years, hence I am competent in using office and project management software. On my language competency, besides English, I am familiar with Mandarin and Turkish (intermediate level). I have qualifications in BSc (Building), MSc (International Construction) and a Certificate in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I also have a Certificate in Teaching (Higher Education) from Singapore Polytechnic, accredited with the University of Sheffield.
My ethos as a teacher is not just to teach per se but to educate, impart to and inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. At the classroom level, I try to ensure that students learn the best they can, not just academically but as a person. I seek to be an effective teacher to impart learning skills to the students and to ensure they can apply English and/or Mathematics well academically and in their daily lives.

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