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K101200 Fione PENG

PENG Fiona


Bachelor of Business Management, Monash University 

AMS 3-6 Credential, American Montessori Society

Post Graduate Certificate of Education (International), Keele University

Masters of Visual Design, La Scuola Politecnica de Design

Fiona grew up in Australia but was originally from Taiwan. Before she went into education 8 years ago, she was a designer for almost 10 years and loved providing opportunities for children to express themselves artistically.  Having worked in a 3-6 multi-age Montessori classroom for nearly four years, and having been the homeroom teacher of both kindergarten and toddler classes in a bilingual school, she is very familiar with nursery through kindergarten learners. Fiona is looking forward to forming a close bond with the nursery children at SSIS, where she can guide children on how to be independent, express and manage their emotions. She will help students find new ways of looking at a problem and inspiring them to live life with compassion, gratitude, and integrity is central to her goal as an educator.

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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