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K101159 LIM LILI

LIM Lili


Postgraduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education, Singapore

Bachelor of Business Administration from National University of Singapore

I come from Singapore. I am excited to be joining SSIS again after leaving the school in 2007. What draws me back is the closely knitted SSIS community.

I taught in Singapore public schools and international schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I truly value my experiences working in an international community as it opens up to many exciting learning opportunities in a diverse culture.

I will be teaching the preschoolers.  I believe that every child has the desire to learn and to achieve excellence. As a teacher, I am privileged to be able to walk alongside with them in their journey of growth and discovery.  The greatest satisfaction in working with the preschoolers is to see them grow into independent and confident first graders.

I look forward to contribute to the SSIS family!

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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