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P100338 KOH Hui Laing

ONG Hui Laing


She was a teacher for 11 years in Singapore secondary school. Mrs Ong earned her Degree of Bachelor from the National University of Singapore and then obtained a Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education. In 2005, she left Singapore for Shanghai as a trailing spouse. Consequently Mrs. Ong taught in SSIS for 8 years before returning to Singapore in 2015 due to personal commitment. In the meantime, she completed a Diploma course on counseling children & adolescents and achieved a Certificate in practical counseling in 2017. She felt blessed to be back in our warm and supportive SSIS Xuhui family.

She is looking forward to exciting years ahead! Mrs. Ong will be teaching Grade 3 and Grade 4 English. It is her goal to provide students with an educationally challenging learning experience, to inspire and motivate them to achieve their very best!

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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