Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe.
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Displaying safe behaviour as we go about our daily routines is one focus of our latest Values and Character Development Campaign – Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe.
Primary School
Over the past two weeks, the primary school has been focusing on creating a safe canteen environment. Students have been demonstrating the appropriate behaviour required to make the canteen a safer place for everyone during lunchtime. As a reward and recognition of exemplary behaviour in the lunch room, a student from each G4 – G6 class was chosen by their classmates or teacher as the safe canteen student for their class. They were able to serve themselves and eat with the teachers on Friday. 

In Preschool, such recognition comes in the form of the Best Mannered Child award in September. This campaign aims to create an awareness of appropriate social behaviours and manners in our young learners. Congratulations to the children who have been awarded “Best Mannered Child” for the month of September!  

Shanghai Singapore International School

Shanghai Singapore International School

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