Triumphant Return of SSIS Alumnus — Miss Universe Singapore 2016
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SSIS Alumni constitute a vital part of our community and our ongoing goal of striving for excellence. They carry with them the SSIS values into all walks of life and around the world. This week SSIS alumnus, Miss Cheryl Chou, who was crowned as the Miss Universe Singapore in October 2016, came back to the school to share her amazing experiences with us.


Cheryl Chou joined SSIS in Grade 6. Her former teacher Miss Chow Yan Mei remembers her as a girl with a pleasant demeanor who enjoyed interacting with her classmates. With her outgoing and sociable personality, she was always able to adjust to the new environment very quickly. She was a conscientious student who always put her best effort into the tasks assigned to her class.


She graduated in 2014 and went on to study Fashion and Design at LASALLE College of Arts in Singapore. In October, Cheryl won a title of Miss Singapore Universe 2016 and she is now preparing to compete in the Miss Universe competition, which will take place in January 2017.


This week, she took a break from her busy schedule to visit SSIS, say hello to her old friends and teachers and to address the students in the Senior School Assembly. Her gentle character shone through in her speech and she delivered an important message to everyone in the audience – TO LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AND KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS.


SSIS looks forward to hearing from more alumni about your recent news and experiences. We are sincerely waiting for your reaching out through:

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