G7 and G8 Orientation Camp at Sun Island

This, according to the teachers and students, was literally a blast (they shot bottle rockets!). Teachers and students ventured out to Sun Island with the main goals of making new friends, bonding with their teachers and stepping outside of their comfort zones.

WOON Xin Yu Sarah, G8

“My favourite part was having a big room which meant we made friends and hung out with people we don’t usually talk to.”

SHAO Hsiang-Han Anita, G8

“The campfire was really nice because we were all gathered around. At first, we were so shy we didn’t want to dance, but then people pulled us up, and it was so fun. And, we got to roast marshmallows!”

One highlight was the lip sync battle where students performed songs and dances to a song of their choice. Congratulations to Ruby 2 for having the best team effort!

Learning about science and all its fun applications was also a big part of planning for camp. And for some, science also became sports

PARK Seunghwarn, G8

“Learning to make and shoot bottle rockets was a lot of fun. Shooting them off and watching how far they went was the best part. And it became a competition in our group!”

For Candace and Jaclyn from G7 Pearl, one highlight was having something unique to bring home. “The best part for us was doing woodworking and nail art. We had never used a hammer and nails before so it was new and different and we were able to take our art home with us.”

Overall, the camp was exactly what the students needed to start the year with new friendships formed, risks taken and fun had by all. In October, the students will go on a week-long Autumn Excursion that we know they are even more excited for it now!

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