DL: Preschoolers Enjoy Distance Learning through Storytelling

Understanding the World and Myself Through Storytelling

Our Preschool team ensures that our young children continue to learn through informal experiences such as storytelling videos, poems and real-time get-togethers. Our videos are always based on a theme, such as healthy habits, healthy eating or spring is coming. These themes help our children to stay in touch with what is happening around them. Each of our teacher puts in a lot of effort in making engaging videos such as the ones below here:

Happy Monday Video by Ms Fiona Peng (Part 1)
Happy Monday Video by Ms Fiona Peng (Part 2)
Introducing Emotions and Positivity to our Preschoolers

At SSIS, we aim to prepare our students for life. Though they are in school, they are not shielded from real life. We teach them to be adaptable and creative thinkers who can overcome challenges, so they can utilise the skills and knowledge learnt to solve problems.

When students have the opportunity to learn through authentic, real-life, relevant experiences, they can apply their knowledge through action, ability and adaption. They will thus be equipped to find success beyond school.

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